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$300 Initial Service then only
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Exterior Pest Service
Interior as needed at no additional cost
Exterior De-webbing
Re-Service at No-Charge
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Pest Inspection

Pest Control Wentzville MO Inspection

Our Wentzville expert exterminators understand that a proper pest inspection is the foundation to any extermination service. When your pest professional is walking up to your door, their inspection process has already begun. Our pest team is trained in the art of observation because we need to know exactly what pests we are up against, as well as understand what conditions around the home may be contributing to a pest infestation. A pest inspection helps us develop a solid extermination plan

Pest Plan

Pest Control Wentzville MO Extermination Plan

The pest  inspection gives our technicians understanding of what needs to be addressed. Different pests like ants, roaches, and rodents require very different treatments. Developing a clear plan of action to exterminate all the pests is key, since there is not a one size fits all approach to these various pest issues. After we develop our control plan to exterminate the pests from your Wentzville home we then get to work and begin performing our pest services.

Pest Service

Pest Control Wentzville MO Extermination Service

With the all-important task of a proper pest inspection and the development of an extermination plan, we now will focus on exterminating the pests. Our expert technician will now systematically cure your Wentzville home of the various pest infestations you may be dealing with. When performing the pest service, our team will ensure that your family and pets are kept safe by applying our pest products in an environmentally responsible manner. At Pesky Critters your family comes first!

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Wentzville Ant Control Services

Pest Control Wentzville Exterminator Ant

Pest Control Service for Ants

Ants can be one of the most aggravating pests to deal with. Many homeowners attempt to exterminate an ant issue with over-the-counter pest products, never gaining control. Most of the time efforts for ants using products from a store make an ant issue worse.

Why Don't Pest Products From The Store Stop Ants?

Liquid pest products from a store are only able to exterminate ants when directly treated, however, these pest products contain harsh smells that act as a repellent to any new ants that may show up, but has no effect on the thousands of persistent ants looking for food & water. Our team of exterminators use non-repellent pest products that allow ants to cross over our products undetected, allowing us to exterminate an entire ant colony!

Exterminate Those Ants For Good!

Why Choose Pesky Critters To Control Your Ants?

We are Wentzville's Ant Control Specialists

When it comes to ant control in Wentzville Missouri our pest specialists have it figured out. Our ant pest control inspections are key to solving an ant problem quickly. Our expert ant exterminators locate the ant nests on your property, exterminating the ants directly when found to solve ant issues immediately.

Our Ant Control Strategy Changes throughout the year

Our ant pest experts use multiple methods to prevent an ant infestation depending on the time of year and species of ant. The products we use range from liquid and granular baits to non-repellent products. Pesky Critter's ant extermination experts pride themselves on keeping your home free of ants!

Actions You Can Take in Controlling Ants

When our ant extermination inspection specialists detect ants, they often discover conditions in and around the home that are favorable for ant infestations. Taking certain control measures can significantly reduce the risk of future ant issues. These actions may include trimming shrubs at least 6 inches away from the house, ensuring that trees do not make contact with the roof, cleaning up leaf debris around the perimeter, and ensuring proper drainage of water away from the residence. By performing these tasks on your part, you can proactively prevent future ant problems and compel ants to encounter our pest products.

Tired Of Dealing With Ants?

We Guarantee Our Pest Services

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At Pesky Critters we are fully invested in making sure you are completely happy with our pest control services performed at your Wentzville home or business. We take great efforts to communicate what to expect from our extermination services, however, sometimes those little critters throw us a curveball, and if/when they do, our pest control team will return and figure out the proper extermination solution!

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When searching for pest control Wentzville MO, we understand that you are looking for a local pest control company that you can trust. When you check out our reviews online, we are sure that you will be confident that you found the right pest control company to partner with in your fight against all the pests. Pesky Critter's other local services include rodent control, ant control, mosquito control. In our service area we also cover Troy, Moscow Mills and the surrounding cities.