Rodent Control In Wentzville, MO

Rodent Control Wentzville MO
Rodent Control Wentzville

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Rodents Can Be Difficult To Control

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Our Rodent Control Plan

We always recommend our rodent protection program as part of our pest control services package. In our regular rodent control service program we install rodent bait stations  around the exterior of your home or business. These rodent bait stations help to suppress the rodent population year-round. Once control is established, homes that are protected by one of our rodent service packages have a warranty. This warranty allows you to call us if a rodent problem arises between routine services.

Rodent Trapping, Baiting & Exclusion

We cover all aspects of rodent control, from rodent baiting, to rodent trapping, as well as some light rodent exclusion to keep mice & rats out of your home. In Wentzville​ most people need a year-round rodent control program.

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Rodent Control In Wentzville MO

Rodent Exterminator Wentzville MO

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Our Wentzville Mice Control Services

Wentzville Rodent Control for mice

Mice Are The Primary Rodents We Deal With

Even if you do not have a current mouse problem inside, mice can still be found in the areas surrounding your home. Our rodent control packages are great at preventing mice from getting into your home.

Mice May Look Cute, But...

Mice have no control over their bladders or droppings. So, no matter where mice go, they are continually leaving mouse nastiness all over your home. Mice will also eat and soil your food. Mice will contaminate your entire home!

Don't Let The Mice Get Out Of Control

Rodent Removal Wentzville MO

Combine Pest & Rodent Control Services

Bundle rodent control with our complete Pest Control Package and Save!

$125 Initial Service then only
Rodent Clean Out & Ongoing Protection
Initial Rodent Control
Installation of Bait Stations
Quarterly Maintenance
​Re-Service No Charge
$300 Initial Service then only
Long Term Pest & Rodent Protection
Exterior Pest Control
Interior as needed at no additional cost
Exterior De-webbing
Re-Service at No-Charge
Rodent Control

The best value is when you combine our general pest control services with our rodent control packages. When you sync both services it saves time & money, and we pass that savings on to you!

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Rodent Exterminator Wentzville MO

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Our exterminator services are right around the corner, literally… This is our town and we are ready to handle your extermination issues quickly. We provide pest control to Northern Missouri homes and businesses alike. So, if you or your friends find dealing with rodent, spiders, ants, cockroaches, termites or any other pest... Give us a call!