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As Troy's pest control professionals, we have the necessary tools and knowledge to address any pest-related issues you may be facing. Whether you're struggling with ants, spiders, roaches, rodents, or termites, we've got you covered!

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Our Troy Pest Control Programs

$200/One Time
One Time/Initial Service
Interior/Exterior Pest Control
Exterior De-webbing
No Warranty
$180 Initial Service then only
Long Term Pest Protection
Exterior Pest Control
Interior as needed at no additional cost
Exterior De-webbing
Re-Service at No-Charge

Most Popular Pest Control Service

$300 Initial Service then only
Long Term Pest & Rodent Protection
Exterior Pest Control
Interior as needed at no additional cost
Exterior De-webbing
Re-Service at No-Charge
Rodent Control

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How We Do Pest Control

Our Proven 3 Step Pest Control Process

Pest Control Inspection

Pest Control troy MO Inspection

A thorough pest control inspection is essential for effective extermination. Our expert exterminators start assessing the situation even before they even knock on your door. With their keen observation skills, they can identify the type of pests and underlying conditions that contribute to the infestation, enabling them to develop a solid extermination plan.

Pest Control Plan

Pest Control troy MO Extermination Plan

Our pest control inspection helps our technicians determine the specific needs of your pest infestation. Ants, roaches, rodents, and termites require different treatments, and a clear plan of action is crucial for effective extermination. Once we develop our plan, we begin performing our pest control services to eliminate the pests from your Troy MO home.

Pest Control Service

Pest Control troy MO Extermination Service

After developing a pest control plan, we focus on exterminating the pests from your Troy home. Our pest experts use a systematic approach to treat the pest infestations safely and effectively. At Pesky Critters Pest Control, your family's well-being is our top priority, ​so we use environmentally responsible pest control products.

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We Guarantee Our Pest Control Services

Pest Control Guarantee

Our Pest Control Satisfaction Guarantee

Pesky Critters is dedicated to ensuring you're happy with our pest control services at your Troy residence or workplace. Our team makes every effort to inform you about our extermination procedures and what to anticipate. Despite this, unexpected situations may arise when dealing with pests. If this occurs, our pest control specialists will revisit your home and determine the most appropriate solution for effective extermination.

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Pest Control FAQs

Do I have a pest problem?

From spotting insect waste to noticing bizarre smells, recognizing the invasion of pests becomes your stepping stone. Tiny droppings or an unexplained musty odor could hint at an unwelcome guest. Sightings of actual pests, especially during daytime, make it certain.

When should I call a pest professional?

​Rapid pest multiplication, damage to property, or the presence of harmful pests (like termites or rodents) calls for professional help. Continued infestation, despite DIY pest control efforts, signals the need for an exterminator.

Looking for Pest Control Near Me?

If you're in search of pest control services in your area, Pesky Critters offers pest control solutions to homes and businesses located in Troy, Warrenton, Moscow Mills and surrounding cities.