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Ants - Cockroaches - Spiders - Termites - Rodents

When it comes to exterminating, our team of pest control specialists are the cream of the crop. Pesky Critters provides pest control services in cities of Troy, Moscow Mills and Warrenton that exterminate spiders, ants, cockroaches, termites and rodents quickly!

Our Pest Control Experts Will

  • Perform A Detailed Pest Inspection
  • Create A Plan Of Action To Exterminate The Pest Problem
  • Handle Your Pest Control Problems In A Way That Protects Your Family

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Pesky Critters understands that quality customer interactions are the backbone of our pest control services. We consider your specific situation and provide personalized extermination solutions tailored to your home and the specific pest control problems you might be encountering.

Extermination Experts You Can Trust

We strive to provide excellent extermination services to our pest control customers by guaranteeing results, but also making sure the person performing your pest control service is professional, friendly, and helpful.

Pest Control Company With A Reputation To Serve

Our attentiveness to our clients' situations, as well as our ability to quickly respond to pressing pest control issues has earned us a great name as a premier exterminator in Troy, Warrenton, Moscow Mills and surrounding areas. Your neighbors know, like and trust us, because they know our team of exterminators put people first.

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Pesky Critters Offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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If you are at all dissatisfied with the service you received, we will come back and reassess what is happening and make sure you are taken care of at no additional charge.
We stand behind our work!

Our Team At Pesky Critters Truly Care.

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Our Pest Control Programs

$160/One Time
One Time/Initial Service
Interior/Exterior Pest Control
Exterior De-webbing
No Warranty
Long Term Pest Protection
Exterior Pest Control
Interior as needed at no additional cost
Exterior De-webbing
Re-Service at No-Charge
$285 Initial Service then only
Long Term Pest & Rodent Protection
Exterior Pest Control
Interior as needed at no additional cost
Exterior De-webbing
Re-Service at No-Charge
Rodent Control

Which Pest Control Service Best Suites You?

This is a brief overview of our pricing. We offer other options so if you don't see what you want give us a call. These prices are subject to change based on your location and size of property. All of our pest control programs start with an initial pest control service, depending on the needs of your home you may want our standard quarterly pest control services, or combine our rodent control service program.

What Does Pest Control in Troy MO Cost?

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Troy and Moscow Mills exterminator services are right around the corner, literally… This is our town and we are ready to handle your extermination issues quickly. We provide pest control to Lincoln County homes and businesses in Troy, Warrenton​, and Moscow Mills. If you find yourself dealing with rodent, spiders, cockroaches, Termites or any other pests, Pesky Critters is Here to serve you.