June 2024 Newsletter
Jeremy Goins
Jeremy Goins

Owner of Pesky Critters and an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) with the Entomological Society of America.

June 2024 Newsletter


Microscopic bugs in my sinks and tubs?

The month of June brought out waves of Psocids (Springtails) to the interior of houses. They look like small slivers of
rice that can be grey to dark brown and are almost to small to see with the naked eye. These “bugs” are moving out
of the damp soil around the homes and to places that still hold some moisture for them. Those tend to be sinks,
windowsills, and bathtub or shower drains. Basements also hold them since they have higher humidity.

To control them the best solution is to try to reduce the humidity and moisture in those areas. Running a dehumidifier
in the basement to reduce the humidity to around 40% will help a lot. If you are just seeing a couple here and there
don’t worry about trying to get to zero. They don’t bite or have any health concerns for us humans or pets and
applying pesticide for them is futile in most situations. For more information check out University of Kentucky’s article
on them.

Basement bugs!

Basements are where most of the bug activity in a house is located. This month lets take a look at one of the most
common “creepy crawly” you may find in your basement, the cellar spider.

This spider goes unnoticed by lots of people as they can be very small and stay on a web hidden high in corners,
along the ceiling, and behind boxes. They look similar to a daddy long legs but they are true spiders. Very long thin
legs and a small body. They are a nuisance because of their webs. They have no medical significance because they
aren't know to bite humans and they aren't venomous.

A vacuum with a hose will make quick work of them and their webs and keep your basement or garage looking clean.
When we treat the inside of a house and garage these are one of the spiders that we see most frequently and a quick
spritz of pesticide will eliminate that spider from ever spinning another web in your home.e

Protect your Roses!

Its time for your favorite (or least favorite) beetle! Japanese beetles have started showing up in flowerbeds and trees
around homes this past week. These destructive little beetles emit a pheromone that will attract more to the plants
they are feeding on. They will make leaves look like lace as they chew large jagged holes in them.

Japanese beetles will be around for 4-6 weeks and can really make trees and plants look bad during that time. To
help control them on your flowering plants shake the beetles off into soapy water daily. This will eliminate them and
help keep the pollinators that use the flowers safe.

We have success treating the trees and plants that aren't flowering for Japanese beetles but each lawn is different.

Give us a call if you start seeing them and want some help protecting your trees and shrubs!

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